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PASSION FOR GOOD DESIGN—whatever the medium.

LETTERPRESS PRINTING: striking beauty ... unsurpassed quality

The original printing method invented in the mid-15th century, Letterpress is printing with movable type and metal plates, in which the raised surface is inked and then pressed into the paper to obtain an image in reverse. The process is tactile and mechanical, yet requires an astonishing amount of craftsmanship and talent to perfect.

Unlike more modern printing processes, letterpress requires very high quality materials and a talented craftsman. The iron and the ink, the mechanics of the press and the spirit of the pressman suffuse each printed piece with a character and qualities that are immediately evident. The resulting stationery has a distinct, tactile quality unsurpassed by other printing methods: the words on paper are felt, as well as read.

Letterpress fell out of favor and common use by the mid-20th century with the rise of cheaper, super-high volume printing processes. For several decades letterpress stationery products were still available, but were simply uninspired, if still high quality (it was a process offered solely by printers, not by designers or artists). During the last several years designers such as Delphine have adopted the medium of letterpress to create beautiful invitations, stationery and prints. This is expanding the interest in and demand for letterpress products.

At Delphine, an understanding of (and passion for) the materials, the process and the (antiquated) technology allows us to create exquisite invitations and stationery products of the highest quality that are striking and beautiful.

DIGITAL PRINTING: high design ... lower cost

Digital flat printing uses a digital file image to control the transfer of ink to the paper as opposed to using printing plates or films. It is the most modern printing process.

Because there is less setup and fewer steps involved, digital printing is quicker and less expensive than other printing methods.

At Delphine, we use the digital process to make our beautiful, award-winning designs and invitations more accessible. Unlike the vast majority of invitation companies, we are able to flat-print on the same thick, soft 100% cotton papers that we use for letterpress. This gives us extraordinary flexibility to offer beautiful, high quality invitations and stationery in place of, or in conduction with, our renowned letterpress work.

Every piece of Delphine stationery, no matter the printing method, is made with great care.


Please note that letterpress and digital printing are VERY different printing methods and often use different materials, inks, etc.; colors will appear somewhat different when flat printed or letterpressed. Due to the differences in the printing processes, materials, appearance, etc., we recommend that invitation suites or items that will be mailed/viewed together be printed using the same printing method.

Please note that colors can vary slightly between different items (cards, stickers, envelopes, etc) and different press runs (even within the same print method), we recommend ordering all of your customized pieces together (invitations, menu, thank you, etc.) whenever possible.